Sean Kingston and mother Janice Turner (via Instagram)

In a plot twist worthy of a reality TV show, singer Sean Kingston‘s mother, Janice Turner, found herself at the center of a dramatic Thursday morning raid. 

The Broward Sheriff’s deputies and Davie Police SWAT members descended upon a Southwest Ranches mansion rented by the “Beautiful Girls” crooner, leading to Turner’s arrest on a laundry list of fraud and theft charges.

The Raid

Aerial footage from Chopper 6 captured the moment Turner, 61, was escorted in handcuffs and placed into a BSO cruiser. 

The massive mansion on Southwest 178th Avenue, boasting seven bedrooms and 15,000 square feet of luxury, served as the backdrop for this high-stakes drama. 

According to attorney Dennis Card, the raid is connected to a lawsuit he filed against Sean Kingston for his alleged penchant for not paying for high-end items.

“He likes having bling, he likes showing off, he’s a showman,” Card explained, painting a picture of Kingston as a modern-day Gatsby. “My client has a $150,000 television sound system in there, there’s also about $1 million worth of watches, and an $80,000 custom bed. This is organized, systematic fraud.”

The Allegations

Sean Kingston, 34, who once serenaded us with hits like his 2007 debut single “Beautiful Girls,” is now facing accusations that he’s been living the high life on other people’s dimes. 

Card alleges that Kingston uses his celebrity status to lure people into providing goods without payment. 

“He’s got basically a script,” Card said. 

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“He says that he works with Justin Bieber and puts on a big show. This is a rental house; he doesn’t own it. He lures people into releasing things without him paying for them, and then he simply never pays.”

The raid revealed a line of luxury cars parked outside the mansion, which last sold for $2.25 million in 2021. 

Card didn’t hold back his disdain, calling Sean Kingston “100 percent a scammer,” noting that he’s currently on felony probation for trafficking in stolen property and has judgments against him for procuring over $1 million in watches without paying.

Mama Kingston’s Legal Woes

Janice Turner, who has an Instagram page called “Mama Kingston Kitchen” where she sells her own brand of sauce (because why not add a dash of culinary entrepreneurship to this stew of scandals?), is no stranger to legal troubles. 

Federal court records show that in January 2006, Turner pled guilty to four counts of filing false loan applications and one count of bank fraud involving $132,000 in stolen funds. 

She was sentenced to sixteen months in prison followed by five years of supervised release. 

Sean Kingston’s Reaction

As for Sean Kingston, who appears to be out of town, authorities haven’t said if he’s facing any charges yet. 

He took to his Instagram Story writing, “People love negative energy! I am good and so is my mother!…my lawyers are handling everything as we speak 🙏🏾🙏🏾”


NBC6 is working to get a comment from his attorney, but so far, the singer remains mum on the matter.

Kingston, who suffered serious injuries in a personal watercraft accident in 2011, is no stranger to bouncing back from tough situations. 

Whether he can sing his way out of this legal quagmire remains to be seen. 

In the meantime, I’ll be keeping an eye on Mama Kingston’s Instagram for any saucy updates. 👀

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