Marilyn Mosby and Attorney Benjamin Crump leaving court after her sentencing hearing
Marilyn Mosby and Benjamin Crump (via Instagram)

In a saga straight out of a courtroom drama, Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore’s former top prosecutor, has been sentenced to time served and 12 months of home confinement, to be served concurrently with three years of supervised release.

This ruling, handed down by US District Court Judge Lydia Griggsby, marks the end of a tumultuous legal battle for Mosby, who was convicted of mortgage fraud and perjury.

Marilyn Mosby’s Rise & Fall

Marilyn Mosby, who shot to national fame for charging six police officers in the high-profile case of Freddie Gray’s 2015 death, found herself on the other side of the law.

Convicted of making a false mortgage application and committing perjury, Mosby’s case has been a rollercoaster of courtroom drama, public scrutiny, and legal twists.

The Sentencing Drama

Prosecutors weren’t playing around; they requested a hefty 20-month prison sentence followed by supervised release.

Their message was clear: no one, not even those in positions of public trust, is above the law.

According to a May 9 sentencing memorandum, this would “make clear that those who break the law, including those in positions of public trust, will be held accountable.”

Marilyn Mosby’s defense team, however, pleaded for leniency.

They argued that she had already been punished enough and asked for a sentence of time served with one year of supervised release.

They maintained that the charges against her were politically motivated, a claim that has added a layer of intrigue to this legal drama.

The Judge’s Ruling

Judge Griggsby’s ruling also included a financial sting.

Mosby was ordered to forfeit 90% of her interests in the Longboat Key, Florida, condo linked to her false mortgage application conviction.

The government has been authorized to seize the property, and once sold, Marilyn Mosby could receive up to $47,600 plus 10% of the home’s appreciation value.

It’s a significant hit, considering the former prosecutor’s earlier aspirations and high-profile status.

The Convictions

Mosby’s legal woes began in earnest with her November conviction on two counts of perjury.

Prosecutors revealed that she falsely claimed “adverse financial consequences” due to the COVID-19 pandemic to withdraw $90,000 from her retirement funds.

At the time, she was earning a substantial salary of $247,955.58, and there was no reduction in her pay.

In February, Mosby was found guilty of making a false mortgage application for the purchase of the Florida condo.

Prosecutors showcased evidence that Marilyn Mosby falsely stated she had received a $5,000 gift from her husband to secure a lower interest rate.

In reality, Mosby had sent her husband the $5,000, which he then sent back to her.

However, the jury acquitted her of a second false mortgage application charge related to another Florida home.

After the positive outcome of Marilyn Mosby’s sentencing, Rachel Noerd took to Instagram writing:

The Judge ruled that the sentence is time served with supervised release for #marilynmosby.

The Most High has spoken and @marilynmosbyesq who has already suffered tremendous loss can remain with her daughters and will not be incarcerated.

🙏🏾 to all the lawyers, advocates, family, and leaders that stood up for Atty Mosby.

See Rachel’s original post below.

She also shared a video of Marilyn and her supporters leaving the courthouse.

Attorney Benjamin Crump said, “That’s for all the haters…the enemies of equality.”

I am happy about the outcome in this case and that Marilyn Mosby will not be separated from her daughters and family.

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  1. I’m happy with this outcome especially since other people in her office did the same thing and were not charged!!

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