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Sarunas Jackson has filed a restraining order against Keke Palmer and her mother, Sharon Palmer, for alleged harassment.

According to court documents, Sarunas filed the restraining order to protect himself, his parents, and his brother Daulon Jackson

Sarunas Jackson Accuses Keke Palmer Of Harassment, Stalking, & Making False Allegations

The “Insecure” actor alleges Keke harassed him on January 11 when Darius Jackson’s lawyer received an email with false allegations about him. 

Sarunas Jackson accused Keke Palmer of using her celebrity to make false statements about him and his family publicly, which resulted in them receiving death threats. 

She has made foul claims that I have sexual abuse claims on me when I do not.

I have never done such a thing.

She has gone to the media & has used her celebrity to publicly lie on my family and myself, which has resulted in death threats by the public.

Sarunas claims strangers are now banging at his door. 

In his restraining order filing, Sarunas Jackson also accused Keke of stalking, harassment, and damaging his career. 

She has harassed and stalked my friends and family’s social media. She has reached out to people in relation to me to lie on me and my family.

Has caused career damage. She has lied time and time again and has tried to lure people around me into her web of lies.

Sarunas Jackson is asking a judge to order Keke Palmer to stay at least 150 yards away from him, his family, his home, and his workplace. 

He is also asking the court to prohibit Keke from speaking publicly or privately about Sarunas and his family.

Keke Palmer and her mother, Sharon Palmer (Getty)

Sarunas Jackson Files A Restraining Order Against Sharon Palmer

In addition to Keke Palmer, Sarunas also filed a restraining order against her mother, Sharon Palmer, alleging she threatened him and his family.

I previously reported Darius Jackson, Sarunas’ brother, and the father of Keke Palmer’s son, Leodis, released audio of Sharon threatening to “put a bullet in his head” if he didn’t get out of Keke’s home.

Sarunas Jackson painted Sharon Palmer out to be a menacing threat to not only him but also his family.

She [Sharon] has made threats to my family that involve shooting & rape. I have the audio my brother recorded to prove.

She has publicly lied on me and my family, so we are now receiving death threats.

She threatened to put a bullet in my brother’s head and said to me and my family, ‘We don’t know who we are dealing with.’ She also threatened to have us raped.

Sarunas is asking a court to keep Sharon 150 yards away and to keep her from speaking about him and his family publicly.

A Los Angeles County judge has yet to make a ruling. 

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