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Kevin Hart makes an emotional plea to a judge to grant him a restraining order against Tasha K and demands that she takes down her salacious interview with his former assistant Miesha Shakes

Kevin Hart Sues Tasha K For Extortion And Defamation

In December 2023, Kevin filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Tasha K accusing her of extortion and defamation.

The Lift star claims someone from Tasha’s camp reached out to him and demanded he pay a ransom of $250,000 to prevent the release of the interview with his former assistant. 

Kevin Hart sued both Tasha K and his ex-assistant, Miesha Shakes, for defamation. 

The fact that Miesha had previously signed a non-disclosure agreement while working for Kevin adds a layer of liability to both Shakes and Tasha K.

The lawsuit alleges Shakes made statements “that were false, including Hart recorded a video of a sexual encounter, and that he faced criminal charges regarding that supposed incident.”

Kevin Hart is suing Tasha K and Miesha Shakes for civil extortion, and invasion of privacy (public disclosure of private facts). 

He is also suing Miesha for breach of contract and defamation, and he’s suing Tasha K for intentional interference with contractual relations.

Miesha Shakes Spills Tea

In her interview with Tasha K, Miesha claimed she walked in on Kevin having an affair in his office, while his wife, Eniko Hart, was pregnant with their second child together.

Miesha Shakes also claimed the comedian and actor had a gambling problem. 

Kevin Hart’s former assistant also alleged he paid a man to take a DUI charge for him.

When Miesha was let go, she said she sent text messages to Eniko Hart informing her of Kevin’s alleged cheating.

Kevin Hart Pleads For Restraining Order Against Tasha K And A Take Down Of Her Interview

In a newly filed declaration, Kevin Hart said the allegations made by his former assistant during her interview with Tasha K are harming his career. 

He wrote: 

Working in the entertainment industry, my livelihood depends in large part on my reputation and the public’s perception of me.

That perception is of particular concern in light of the fact that I am involved in a number of family-oriented projects, such as the Jumanji franchise, Fatherhood, Captain Underpants, the Secret Life of Pets, and others.

I also endorse various national brands, and those endorsement deals depend in part on a public perception of my reputation, respectability, and character.

A judge has yet to rule on Kevin Hart’s request for a restraining order nor has a ruling been made on the motion to have Miesha Shake’s interview taken down from Tasha’s YouTube channel and social media accounts.

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