Darius Jackson, the ex-boyfriend of Keke Palmer, and the father of her son, Leodis, is denying her allegations of abuse.

Keke was recently granted temporary legal and physical custody of her 8-month-old son as well as a restraining order against Darius after he allegedly attacked her in her home on November 5, 2023.

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Darius is denying the allegations despite the fact that the disturbing attack was captured by Keke’s home security surveillance.

Keke Palmer further alleges numerous instances of physical and emotional abuse, including property destruction, threats, and harassment.

According to her, the relationship finally ended in early October due to the sustained abuse.

During an online exchange with Keke’s mother, Sharon Palmer, Darius’ brother, Sarunas Jackson promised that the public would soon hear Sharon making threats against their family. 

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It appears the time has come because TMZ released audio of Sharon threatening to put a bullet in Darius’ head if he doesn’t get out of Keke Palmer’s home.

Listen to the audio below. 

After the alleged threat, Darius Jackson also released text messages between his mother and Sharon Palmer.

Ms. Jackson wrote:

Hello Sharon

How are you? I have tried not to get involve in my son’s personal business, but I heard that you are going to put a bullet in my sons head??

Well, then now we have to involve the authorities, because you don’t respect or value yourself and I can see now my son’s life. You might have to kill all of us. I will file a police report on you now. 

Sharon Palmer responded to the text writing: 

Please do not contact me with this ridiculous childish behavior your son choked his own sister, deal with his anger issues.

If he attacked my daughter in her own home where she pays the bills he is trespassing and anything can happen so he should stay away. You should be very ashamed to have raised a man who fights women. 

See the screenshots below.


Darius Jackson is currently trending on X (formerly Twitter) as people react to the texts and leaked audio. 

Read a few tweets below. 

While this entire situation is unfortunate and sad, I am happy Keke Palmer and her son are safe from Darius Jackson.

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