Safaree posted a skit to his IG account with Queenzflip that was so realistic that it confused fans.

Queenzflip is a social media entertainer, actor, and entrepreneur.

In the skit, Queenzflip was pretending to be Safaree’s kids’ Godfather.

Playing off Safaree’s storyline on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” Queenzflip approaches Safaree on the block, smacks some food out of his hands, and asks him “Why you not with your kids?”

Safaree takes a minute to gather himself and he and Queenzflip start tussling.

Queenzflip quickly turns Safaree into a rag doll and starts slanging him up and down the block.

Watch the videos below:

Queenzflip attempts to apologize:

Scoop some comments below:

Even though the first video was captioned “this is not real!”, the acting was so good that it left doubts in people’s mind.

This is some of the best acting I’ve seen Safaree do outside of his antics on this season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.”

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