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Safaree Samuels took to social media on Sunday with an obvious message regarding his ex-wife, Erica Mena.

The “Love & Hip Hop” franchise player, who has appeared on various seasons in Hollywood, New York, Atlanta, and Miami, posted a photo of himself and his two children, daughter Safire Majesty Samuels, and son Legend Brian Samuels.

The caption on the post read:

My kids need their mother. My mumma taught me if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all 🙏🏾❤️ protected by my God 24/7 365 🙏🏾❤️ #FoereverSTR8 #sundaychurch

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Safaree Samuels’ post comes on the heels of Erica Mena being fired from “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta for calling Spice a “blue monkey.”

Erica Mena Arrested In Atlanta

Erica’s firing comes less than two weeks after she and three others, including Bambi Richardson and Zellswag, were arrested at a lounge in Atlanta on August 25.

Apparently, all hell broke loose when Erica and her friends were asked to leave by security.

Atlanta police say a chaotic brawl broke out and Erica Mena was fighting like hell.

According to the police report, the mother of three…hit officers, kicked one in the face, and bit another.

Erica Mena also allegedly told officers she was pregnant.

Her attorney, Drew Findling, released the following statement:

On behalf of Erica Mena (who is not pregnant), we will immediately start investigating the events of August 25, 2023.

It is clear that this was an incident between citizens, private security and off-duty police officers that was not properly handled or de-escalated.

We know this because the officer readily admits in his report that he punched a private citizen in the face 4 or 5 times and used unnecessary force against Erica as well.

While Erica regrets some of the circumstances of that night, it is also important to understand the context and details of the incident so we will do our due diligence and review accordingly.

Safaree & Erica Mena Relationship Timeline

Safaree relentlessly pursued Erica Mena when they both starred on VH1’s “Scared Famous” back in 2017. 

In December 2018, Safaree proposed to Erica and they tied the knot in October 2019.

The Samuels welcomed their first child together, a baby girl, in February 2020.

By November 2020, Safaree was on social media announcing he was single and he tagged “Divorce Court.”

In February 2021, he publicly announced marrying Erica Mena was his “biggest mistake.”

I mean this from the bottom of my heart getting married was 1 of the BIGGEST mistakes and it will never happen again. I’m walking away before I End up in jail over some dumb sh*t. Nobody is worth my freedom!!!

In May 2021, Erica announced she was pregnant with her second child with Safaree.

A couple of weeks later, their Atlanta home was robbed

Seven days later, Erica Mena filed for divorce from Safaree.

Amid their marital drama and impending divorce, Erica and Safaree Samuels welcomed their baby boy in June 2021. 

Safaree has apologized to Erica and taken accountability for everything he put her through. 

But, it was short-lived and he was right back to his shenanigans in no time.

In short, Erica and Safaree’s marital mess and divorce drama have been playing out on reality TV and the streets of social media for nearly six or seven years.

Hopefully, for the sake of their children, Safaree and Erica Mena reach a point where they can co-parent peacefully and effectively.

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