Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Shekinah Demands That Safaree Stops Mentally Traumatizing Erica

In Season 10, Episode 26 of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” Shekinah tried to explain to Safaree that Erica Mena is losing her mind because of the mental trauma he’s putting her through.

I told you last night, you’re not a woman, so you don’t understand what women go through, feelings we deal with.

That girl is over there mentally going through sh*t!

In her mind, she battling… ‘I hate him, but I love him, I hate him, but I love him…

I got married to him, I had two kids by him, I didn’t have to do this…

I’m stuck, I’m not stuck, I can make it, I can’t make it…

He f***ing her, he ain’t f***ing her…

Do he love them?… Is she the only one?…’

That is so mentally f***ed up! 

Stop f***ing with her mentally!… Cause she losing her mind.

Shekinah captivated everyone at the pool party with her passionate words, except Safaree, who responded “peace out” and literally ran out.

Bambi called Safaree a certified coward for running away from the hot seat, and she correlated the incident with Erica saying Safaree always runs away from his problems.

Watch the video clip from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” below:

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