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Bambi proudly announced the release of her new children’s book, “Mommy, I Want To Go Home.”

The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star, whose real name is Adi Richardson, co-wrote the book with her children, Breland Richardson, Xylo Richardson, and Cali Richardson

Bambi took to social media writing:

This is very bare minimum and basic info BUT… all of my children have their own bank accounts 🫶🏾

They are brand ambassadors for their own hair products, they’re authorssssssssss too!

Open up a Roth IRA for your kid AND contribute at least 6k per year before you ever mention mine 😉

Bambi also shared a precious post of her children reading their book.

Bambi's children

Bambi captioned the post:

Our bedtime story hit different tonight!

My babies enjoyed the story and pointing out the characters that look like them.

@princebreland @babyxylo2020 @calirichardson I love you!

‘Mommy, I Want To Go Home’ Book

The official description of the book reads:

Divorce is a difficult change for the entire family; however, explaining your “new normal” to children under 5 can be even more challenging.

In this book the characters explore an array of emotions which are expected during this transition.

The most important message is that the children feel loved and supported in both homes.

Bambi book Mommy I Want To Go Home

Mommy, I Want To Go Home (Paperback)

By Adi B. Richardson, Breland Richardson, Xylo Richardson, & Cali Richardson

Bambi tied the knot with Lil Scrappy in 2017 and recently divorced the rapper after nearly six years of marriage. 

A large portion of their marital drama played out on the latest season of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” with allegations of cheating and more.

Now that the divorce has been finalized both Bambi and Lil Scrappy have begun their new journeys separately.

Hopefully, her book will help other children of divorce understand their new normal.

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