Meek Mill gave some Atlanta kids $20 to split amongst themselves after they approached him selling water.

Watch the video below:

Meek seem like he was trying to get an understanding of what the kids was selling before he invest, and I guess he wasn’t to impressed by their response of the “water hussle” so he felt $20 was justifiable.

I’m sure these kids have seen Meek on social media and in his videos showing off his riches so they expected more than $20.

I counted 4 kids near his window, they will not get more than $5 a piece.

Meek could’ve did a lot better than that. I’ve seen Internet stars give kids on the streets more than $20.

Twitter felt like Meek could’ve did better as well:

Meek claims the kids were appreciative of the $20, but their facial expressions tell a different story.

Do you think Meek should’ve given the kids more than $20?