Jason Fordham, Mandie Taketa, Maile Brady, and Wayne Brady (Photo: Matt Sayles/Disney)

Wayne Brady is inviting fans into his world like never before with the upcoming reality series “Wayne Brady: The Family Remix.”

Premiering this summer on Freeform, the show promises an intimate look at Wayne’s life behind the scenes, offering a fresh perspective on the iconic entertainer.

The official synopsis reads:

What happens when such an iconic entertainer peels back the curtain on the realities of an unexpected life?

In ‘Wayne Brady: The Family Remix,’ Brady has turned the term ‘modern family’ on its head.

With Brady at a sudden crossroads in his life, ‘Wayne Brady: The Family Remix‘ offers an intimate look into his blended family’s personal life, revealing unexpected points of view and values that most people (including his own family) have a hard time understanding.

The series delves into Brady’s blended family dynamic with ex-wife Mandie Taketa, co-parenting their 21-year-old daughter, Maile Brady.

Despite their separation in 2008, the pair remain “best friends,” navigating life together alongside Taketa’s partner, Jason Fordham, and their 3-year-old son, Sundance-Isamu.

In anticipation of the series launch, Wayne Brady took to Instagram, sharing his excitement alongside his family, whom he affectionately refers to as “The Core Four.”

The video showcases the unique dynamics of their relationship, promising an authentic and entertaining viewing experience.

“You’ve never seen a family like ours,” Wayne declares. “Trust me.”

Beyond the family dynamics, the show promises to shed light on Wayne Brady’s journey of self-discovery, including his recent revelation about his sexuality.

Opening up about his pansexuality to PEOPLE, Wayne shared how Robin Williams‘ death in 2014 impacted his path to self-discovery, ultimately leading him to embrace his authentic self.

I’m still coming together. But If I’m healthy, then I can go onstage at Let’s Make A Deal and be the best Wayne Brady that everybody wants and expects,” he expressed.

As Wayne continues to captivate audiences with his talent, including his current role in the Broadway revival of The Wiz, the reality series promises to be a groundbreaking series, offering insight into the life of a multifaceted entertainer and his dynamic family.

This show is a benchmark, and not just for me, but for a lot of Black performers,” Wayne Brady said.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Wayne Brady: The Family Remix” on Freeform on July 24 at 10:00 p.m. ET, with streaming available the next day on Hulu.

Get ready to experience the magic of Wayne Brady like never before.

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