Ne-Yo’s alleged mistress Sade Bagnerise took to Instagram to share a few things regarding the R&B singer and his ex-wife Crystal Renay

Both Ne-Yo and Sade, who share two sons, have been making headlines over their child support and child custody case. 

But, she wants you to know that they are not beefing over him taking care of the boys. 

In fairness to him, in that regard, he has always been physically, emotionally, and financially responsible for both Braiden and Brixton from the moment he’s known about the first pregnancy.

Sade Bagnerise also shared that she has apologized to Crystal Renay, who filed for divorce from Ne-Yo in 2022, for the role she played in the demise of her marriage.

I’ve privately apologized profusely to Crystal for my role and she is such a strong beautiful forgiving woman. But I spoke to a woman who was so confused and broken.

Betrayed & misunderstood. She is hurting and healing and as hard as he try’s to play tough guy he knows he’s hurting deep down inside too. 

He need help…(love, support)

From there, Sade went on to try to stage an internet intervention for her baby daddy.

I want to ask y’all to be kind and find just a little small piece of compassion in your heart instead of tearing him down…send him support, advice, encouragement, and love bc I genuinely wholeheartedly believe that he is going through a midlife crisis and he won’t listen to the few of us who keep trying to help him with accountability and his addiction(s).

Sade Bagnerise took it a step further and asked:

Please if you are a professional therapist talk to him.

If you see him in these strip clubs pull him aside and hug him and pull him out.

Sometimes people just need a hug. Be kind. 

Chile…if you see Ne-Yo in the strip club the best thing you can do is mind your business.

Isn’t it interesting how compassionate side-chicks get after they find out the man they were creeping with did them dirty too?

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