Charlie Baltimore Details How Severe The Car Crash Was That She Was In With Biggie & Lil Cease

Charlie Baltimore recently detailed how severe the car crash was that she was in back in 1996 with Biggie and Lil Cease on “The Art of Dialogue” podcast.

She said she actually flew through the front window of the van and landed on the hood, and when she came to, she asked Biggie if it was raining because blood was pouring down her forehead.

…That car crash was real severe. Like, if you watch the ‘Hypnotized’ video, Big still has a cane. Like, he was in the hospital for… a very long time.

Like, honestly, after the hospital he had to go to rehab for, I don’t know, maybe eight weeks to learn how to walk again, like, he was really messed up.

Like, out of all three of us that was in the accident, he had the worst injury because, um, when the car hit the embankment, uh, I went from the back through the windshield. So I was on the hood of the car.

Cease lost his teeth. His mouth hit the, uh, steering wheel and because of Big’s size he broke his, um, his femur.

…But he was wedged into the car because, you know, he was a big dude. So they had to get the jaws of life to get him out of the car.

When I came to because I got knocked out for a little while. When I came out of it I didn’t see Cease. Cease was actually out of the car, like, I think he had, like, ran down a little bit probably from the shock and was just, like, holding his mouth.

But, you know, initially, I didn’t see him so I’m thinking he got thrown out of the car and went over the embankment.

Like, it was very severe. It was not like a little, you know, fender bender it was a crazy accident. Like, all… everybody was in the hospital. I had, um, stitches… I have stitches that probably I’m sure there’s still a scar that run all the way on top of my head. I’m pretty sure if it would’ve been down a little further I’d had a whole giant scar on my face.

And my, um, ankle was broken, neck issues or whatever, but Big definitely had it the worst out of all of us. Like, he had to have surgery and everything. It was crazy. It was really, really crazy, but yes he did immortalize all that in that song and say, ‘Yeah, till Lil Cease crippled me’ so… But that was just his way of dealing with it. He wasn’t, like, mad at Cease or anything. It was just a crazy accident.

…It was a, um, a loaner van. We had dropped Big’s car off at the dealership, and they gave us, like, a loaner, like, a van.

And so I was sitting, like, in the middle part, you know, like, the seats in the back was like one row.

So I was, literally, directly in between the two front passenger seats. So, when he hit, I went through the windshields. When I woke up, I don’t know how long I was out… I don’t think Big was ever unconscious or anything.

I’m like, ‘Is it raining because it was… I think it was raining that day, but I think it had stopped, and I was asking Big if it was raining, and he was like, ‘Don’t move!’

And, I’m thinking it’s raining, no, it’s blood, it’s blood just pouring down my face.

And so, when the ambulance came, they took me first because I had a head injury. So they’re like, you know, that’s really the most severe in their eyes.

But, um, I just remember they had to definitely get the, uh, jaws of life to get him out because he was just wedged into the car, and he couldn’t move so…

I guess people probably did think it was just like a minor accident, but no, somebody definitely could’ve died. It was crazy.

…We just lucky we all got out, you know what I mean, but… Yeah, if you go back and look at the ‘Hypnotized’ video when he standing up rapping he has a cane… because he just was, literally, finishing up his rehab from learning how to walk. Because he couldn’t walk. It was wild.

Watch the clip of the Charlie Baltimore interview from “The Art of Dialogue” podcast below:

Watch the “Hypnotized” video below to see Big with the cane that Charlie Baltimore referenced in her story:

Listen to the “Long Kiss Goodnight” song below to hear Big say “Till Lil Cease crippled me”:

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