Russell Hornsby Reveals He Initially Didn’t Want To Do ‘BMF’

Russell Hornsby recently appeared on the “Tamron Hall Show” and revealed that he initially didn’t want to play the role of Charles Flenory on the Starz hit show “BMF.

Russell said he didn’t want the part because he was tired of being typecast as a dad, but he was convinced by his dear friend, director Tasha Smith, to take the role.

I initially didn’t want to do it. I mean…

Honestly, my dear friend Tasha Smith, who directed the first couple of episodes… She called me up, and she said, ‘Brother I need you,’ and she said, ‘You’re the first call I’m making. I need you to play the patriarch of this show.’

And I was like, ‘Tasha, I don’t want to play another father. I’ve been playing dad… I’m Mr. Dad.’

And she said, ‘But that’s what we need, we need your strength, we need your presence, you know what I mean we need your grounding, you know…’

And I said, ‘Okay.’

Watch the clip of the Russell Hornsby interview from the “Tamron Hall Show” below:

It’s funny how the next-door neighbor on “BMF,” Mabel Jones, turned that patriarch into a pariah.

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