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The “BMF” Season 3 finale has dropped bringing another chapter of the Black Mafia Family’s story to a close. 

‘BMF’ Season 3 Finale – Da’vinchi (”Terry Flenory”), Demetrius Flenory, Jr. (“Demetrius “Meech” Flenory”) – Courtesy of Starz

‘Prime Time’ 

Crafted by the talented duo of Tariq Simmons and Heather Zuhlke, with direction from the legendary Tim Burton, this finale is a game-changer for the characters and the audience alike.

Viewers are taken on a thrilling ride as Meech and Terry make their triumphant return to Atlanta. 

However, their American Dream is put on the line when authorities catch wind of their recent activities in Miami. 

The brothers must band together to protect their hard-earned empire, devising plans to expand their reach to cities like St. Louis, with Miami serving as their strategic hub.

Their journey leads them south to Mexico, where they aim to replenish their supplies and solidify their standing in the game. 

This sets the stage for what promises to be one of their most daring and intense adventures yet, as they navigate through challenges and adversaries with steely determination.

Meanwhile, tensions rise within the family as Lucille and Charles, make a final decision on the fate of their marriage.

Additionally, Jin finds herself entangled in a web of complexities with Henri, raising questions about allegiances and betrayals within their circle.

Social Media Reactions

BMF” Season 3 viewers took to their Twitter timelines to weigh in on the finale.

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As always these tweets contain spoilers, so I suggest you hold off on reading them until you are all caught up on the show.

About ‘BMF’ Season 3

BMF” returns for a third season and continues the storyline of the inspiring true legends of two brothers Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory (Demetrius Flenory, Jr.) and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory (Da’Vinchi).

The brothers rose from the decaying streets of southwest Detroit in the late 80’s and gave birth to one of the most influential crime families in the country known as the Black Mafia Family.

This season we parachute into the early 90’s with Meech moving to Atlanta where Black excellence is prominent and Black businesses are thriving.

Meech seeks to build upon the BMF empire in the south that he and Terry fostered in Detroit and rise to the top of the Atlanta drug scene.

In Atlanta, he meets his new love interest, Angel (Kadianne Whyte), an exotic dancer. 

Terry remains in Detroit to take care of the business and his second child with girlfriend Lawanda (Sydney Mitchell), while juggling his ongoing affair with love interest Markisha (La La Anthony).

Yet, as Meech expands BMF outside of Detroit and new local competition comes after Terry, both brothers take on enemies more ruthless in their ways than they have ever seen who threaten to destroy the whole empire.

BMF” continues to humanize the choices of the brother’s business and their pursuits of the American Dream.

Charles Flenory (Russell Hornsby) and Lucille Flenory (Michole Briana White) return as the patriarch and matriarch of the Flenory family, whose marriage remains on the rocks.

Detective Bryant (Steve Harris), on probation from work, and Detective Jin (Kelly Hu) find themselves on opposite sides of the law, but might find common ground in their determination to take down BMF.

The Cast

BMF” season three stars returning actors Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr. as “Demetrius Flenory,” Da’Vinchi  as “Terry Flenory,” Russell Hornsby as “Charles Flenory,” Michole Briana White as “Lucille Flenory,” Steve Harris as “Detective Bryant,” Kelly Hu as “Detective Jin,” La La Anthony  as “Markisha,” Sydney Mitchell as “LaWanda” and Laila D. Pruitt as “Nicole Flenory.”  

Previously announced special guest stars include Grammy Award winners Dominique “Lil Baby” Jones making his acting debut as “Payne,” Ne-Yo as “Rodney ‘Greeny’ Green,” and 2 Chainz as “Stacks.”

Grammy-nominated artist and actress Saweetie portrays “Keeya,” while former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey takes on the role of “Gloria” in the series.

When Will ‘BMF’ Season 4 Come On? 

BMF” Season 4 is currently in production, but an official release date has yet to be announced.

BMF” is executive produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson‘s G-Unit Film and Television production company, along with creator and executive producer Randy Huggins, a Detroit native.

Heather Zuhlke serves as showrunner and executive producer, while Anthony Wilson and Anne Clements also join as executive producers.

The series is produced through Jackson’s G-Unit Film and Television production company in association with Lionsgate Television for Starz.

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