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50 Cent took to Instagram on Tuesday with a message for Terry “Southwest T” Flenory after he posed for photos with Supreme’s son.

Southwest T and his brother, Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory, are the subjects of 50 Cent’s hit Starz drama series, “BMF.” 

The series just wrapped its third season and is currently in production on Season 4, however, Curtis made it very clear that he feels slighted by Southwest T’s photo op with his opps. 

If you missed it, Supreme Jr. linked up with Southwest T to promote his Living Legends t-shirts that features a photo of Supreme and Big Meech.

Someone in the comments chastised Southwest T for fraternizing with the opps.

@southwest263 so u come home to a series started by 50 about your family and I’m sure checks came behind that and it helped your transition home and u go take these pics with this clout chasing kid who is allegedly supreme son and u know the history with preme and 50 and this little kind antics the past couple of years trying to antagonize 50 I see why meech wasn’t messing with you

50 Cent reposted the comment calling out Southwest T and added the following message:

Hey I know T feel like he is not making the money @lilmeechbmf is making but I thought they would all be happy for him.

It’s not like I didn’t help your family make millions.

Cool when STARZ start suggesting the wrong moves, I’m simply going to sit and watch.

Don’t worry you will be off the air in no time. 

See his original post below. 

50 Cent’s post has left his comment section divided. 

Read a few reactions below.

“You’ll be off the air in no time” is DIABOLICAL

Why he gotta inherit there beef? He can’t be neutral?

Y’all know T a grown a** man, and he don’t have to pick a side, especially when the situation has absolutely nothing to do with him ! 50 wanted to do a movie on their life, they didn’t come to 50 and ask for no handouts ‼️💯

Men stand on they own to,He owes 50 no loyalty.50 may have started the show but BMF started the lifestyle the show is about so 50 is eating off of them too.Secondly Preme and Teery were both bosses so they prob already knew each other in past dealing.So why wouldn’t he take a pic with his son,because another Grown man gone get in his feelings about it.Thats real sassy lol

Prime example never bite the hand that feeds you.

Southwest T and his son need to do their homework on people before they start taking pictures and doing business with them. How does anyone not know about the beef between 50 and Supreme.😒

Lawd…hopefully, 50 Cent doesn’t let his feelings get in the way of a series that stars some of my faves.

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