Yung Miami as Deanna Washington - Mike Merrill as Ty Washington - BMF Season 2

Yung Miami is trending in the streets of Twitter after making her “BMF” Season 2 debut in Episode 9, titled, “High Treason.”

The City Girls rapper played the role of “Deanna Washington,” a real housewife of Atlanta who is married to “Ty Washington, a drug dealer played by Mike Merrill.

Prior to making her debut, Caresha took to Instagram to share that she was so excited to introduce fans to her character that she had “butterflies.”

Yung Miami (and Caresha) is now trending on Twitter as fans of the show take to their Twitter timelines to react to her “BMF” debut.

It appears to be a mixed bag of praise, constructive criticism, and folks downright clowning the aspiring actress.

Read a few Twitter reactions below.

Despite the heavy criticism, Yung Miami seems to have taken an interest in expanding her acting portfolio.

The “Caresha Please” host also had a small role in the Kenya Barris Netflix comedy, You People, and she’s appeared in a Season 5 episode of “Grown-ish.”

Yung Miami took to Twitter to react to all of the chatter about her acting debut, writing, “The more they hate the more opportunities come!! It’s only the beginning for me!”

See her original tweet below.

Let me know your thoughts on her “BMF” debut in the comments below or join the convo on our socials. (Facebook, Instagram)

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