Afida Turner-Ronnie Turner

Afida Turner, the widow of Ronnie Turner, is planning to have his baby. 

In a recent interview, the 46-year-old French-born singer and actress revealed her plans to undergo IVF to conceive her late husband’s child. 

Ronnie Turner, the only biological son Ike and Tina Turner shared, was diagnosed with late-stage metastatic colon cancer in November.

The cancer had quickly spread to his pancreas and stomach. 

Ronnie, who was three years sober, working out at the gym, eating nutritious meals, and practicing Buddhism like his mother, was ready for fatherhood when he received his diagnosis. 

The following month, he collapsed and stopped breathing outside of the Encino home he shared with Afida, while she was out of town for work. 

He was scheduled to start chemotherapy on December 15 but died one week earlier

Before his death, Ronnie Turner froze his sperm as a birthday gift to his wife. 

Afida Turner now hopes to expand their family before her next birthday on December 22. “If I can,” she adds, “I’m 46. But we’ll see.”

It’s still bad because he’s not here, but what can I do?

At least I will have a little one that looks like Ronnie.

A monster like me and him, can you imagine?

Afida is still grieving the loss of her husband as well as her mother-in-law, Tina Turner. 

It was very sad that Ronnie passed, and then his mom passed six months after.

It is very difficult for me because people only see the music or the pictures, but I go back home and scream the names of my loved ones.

[That pain] will never go away. I’m still very depressed and thinking about very bad, dark, bad stuff.

You don’t want to go through this in life.

You have to talk to God, otherwise, you go nuts and kill yourself.

I’m suffering and my heart is destroyed.

I’m trying not to lose my mind.

Afida found fame after appearing on the French version of “Big Brother” in 2002. 

She pursued her passion for singing and released her debut album, Roc Attitude in 2003. 

Afida Turner’s music career eventually brought her to Los Angeles where she met Ronnie in a 2005 recording session, where Ike Turner Jr. was the engineer on her single, “French Kiss.” 

He invited his brother Ronnie to play bass and guitar on the track.

The two hit it off and a year later, Ronnie wanted to be exclusive. 

Afida, who had previously dated Coolio and Mike Tyson was hesitant. “We connected, but his lifestyle was too crazy for me,” she admitted.

But, Ronnie Turner persisted and he and Afida were married by March 2007.

Afida says Ronnie was never abusive like his father, Ike Turner. 

I am a very straight-up person, and Ike and Tina liked that because they were the same kind of people.

Ronnie too.

When I screamed, he broke plates.

But he was kind.

He loved the drama, and was like the same blood.

I belonged to that family.

I wish Afida Turner all the best in her journey of healing and possibly motherhood. 

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Source: People

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