Patti LaBelle's Tina Turner Tribute 2023 BET Awards

Patti LaBelle’s tribute to the late Tina Turner at the 2023 BET Awards simply wasn’t the best.

The 79-year-old legendary diva took the stage the sing one of Tina’s timeless hits, “Simply The Best.” 

At one point, during her performance, Patti LaBelle fumbled the lyrics. 

She then confessed to the audience that she couldn’t see the words to the song on the teleprompter.

Patti said, “Oh Lord! Whatever, I can’t see the words…I don’t know. I’m trying y’all.” 

Watch the full performance below. 

In an effort to shoot Patti LaBelle some bail…it’s unclear how much notice or preparation time she had prior to the tribute performance. 

But, not knowing the lyrics to a timeless classic when you’re performing a tribute to a late icon – simply isn’t the best.

The tribute was so bad that BET opted not to release the performance video. 

But, a spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter

It was an extraordinary privilege to celebrate the life and legacy of Ms. Tina Turner at BET Awards 2023.

Having the incomparable Ms. Patti LaBelle on our stage honoring one of her contemporaries was an equal privilege.

Due to the crowd’s enthusiasm, the teleprompter was obstructed, obscuring Ms. LaBelle’s view of the lyrics.

Nonetheless, we couldn’t be more grateful to Ms. LaBelle for lending her incredible talent to this moment.

See Exhibit A below.

Folks swiftly took to their Twitter timelines to share their thoughts on Patti LaBelle’s tribute to Tina Turner. 

Read a few tweets below.  

At the end of the day, Patti LaBelle is still a beloved and legendary diva and I’m sure she is just as disappointed by the 2023 BET Awards tribute as many of Tina Turner’s fans were.

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