'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': Sierra Confronts Khaotic For Not Intervening In Her Argument With Scrappy

In Season 11, Episode 7 of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” Sierra showed up at Khaotic’s video shoot to confront him for not intervening in her heated argument with Scrappy.

Sierra feels that Khaotic just stood by and let Scrappy disrespect her and push her without doing anything to defend or protect her.

She said Khaotic talks about the “princess treatment” and wanting to feel appreciated as a man, but she felt like he didn’t show her any appreciation at that moment.

…And you stood right beside me. As a man that says that you want to feel apprecia… all that sh*t!

I didn’t feel appreciated.

Khaotic responded that he told Scrappy to chill several times and he even stood in between them to try to get them out of each other’s faces.

Sierra interjected and said Scrappy is a man so another man should have put hands on him and got him out of her face.

Khaotic responded, “Listen, I’m not your knight in shiny armor.”

The response didn’t land well on Sierra, and she felt like he was basically saying since I’m not sleeping with you, then it’s not my place to take up for you.

Khaotic feels that Sierra wasn’t minding her business by arguing with someone about his life with his wife and his children. 

Sierra became frustrated with Khaotic’s responses and left the video shoot.

Watch the clip from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” of Sierra showing up to Khaotic’s video shoot to confront him about not intervening in her argument with Scrappy below:

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