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Romeo Miller took to social media and opened up about the impact C-Murder‘s situation has had on his family.

His temporary post on IG Stories came on the heels of his father, Master P, posting a 7-minute video where he shared his truth that led to a public online rift with Monica.

Romeo his dad loves his Uncle Corey dearly, but the world won’t let “brothers be brothers.”

He was very transparent when he shared this situation has torn his family apart, but his is positive they will get through this storm/circus.

Read his full statement below:

I’ve seen in this industry if they can’t control you. They’ll try to kill you literally or your character. that’s why it’s so important to speak your truth. Peace of mind is everything. This situation has torn a family apart and it’s because the world won’t let brothers be brothers. 

No family is perfect. But nobody on this planet love my family more than my family! Nobody on this planet (other than his kids) love my uncle more than my dad and thats facts. Keep in mind, my dad isn’t God. He’s just a man. God doesn’t even take responsibility for another’s free will or choices. 

I know through this long ass storm/circus, everything will workout though. No matter how or who does it. My uncle deserves to be home with his daughters. They deserve their dad. Innocent men shouldn’t be behind bars. 

I have big hope that my family will be whole one day again. Can’t question God’s timing and lessons though. We will get through this. Miller strong. ??

See his original post below:

Romeo Miller

I’m with Romeo Miller…I’m sure with a lot of prayer and understanding the Miller family will get through this.