R. Kelly fans stepped in the name of love as they marched through the streets of Chicago and demanded the singer be released from jail.

The demonstration took place on Friday, August 21. Protestors marched while carrying a banner that read:

Justice for R. Kelly 

“Due Process” 

One Man Ain’t No Enterprise

The protestors chanted, “Free R. Kelly!”

See video below:


The disgraced R&B singer is currently lodged at the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center where he is awaiting trial on a total of 18 federal counts, including child pornography, kidnapping and forced labor. 

Kell’s legal team has made several attempts to get him released due to the COVID-19 pandemic to no avail. 

They even argued R. Kelly isn’t a flight risk because he owes the IRS $2 million. 

Would you march for R. Kelly’s freedom?


  1. We will be back again April 9th and 10th in Downtown Chicago marching the street for the Injustices and Due Process on Black Men.

  2. yes i’ll march his rights have been violated, these ppl ‘dont want kelly to get his billions Sony should be asahamed Kim to the man Micheal whos already been sentence they went bk 22 years ago and came with new charges to lock this man up they even went to these so call vitims paid them to lie on kelly.God dont like ugly and kelly should be free

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