The man who defaced the George Floyd mural in Minneapolis, where the unarmed Black man was killed by police, now says he was drunk and regrets his actions. 

The 26-year-old white male, identified as Daniel Michelson, spray painted over George’s eyes and mouth before he was chased off by Billy Briggs, who shared the incident on Facebook. 

Tonight on 38th & Chicago

I’m lighting candles at the George Floyd memorial when I noticed a white boy wearing khaki shorts and a blue hoodie, standing in front of Cup foods looking suspicious. I asked my neighbor if she recognized him and she shook her head no. I went to light another candle and my neighbor yelled for me and pointed towards the mural. I ran over and witnessed the same white boy defacing the iconic George Floyd mural with black spray paint!!! Adrenaline kicked in and I ran towards him yelling for security while giving chase. Unfortunately I didn’t make it very far because of my artificial hip. I did however run him outta his shoes!

He was eventually tracked down walking towards Powderhorn. Security sent us his photo, but let him go before my neighbor and I confirmed it was him. I noticed his shoes were missing in the photo. We went back to follow my trail and found his flip flops, along with the paint can I saw him toss in a neighbors yard. People are evil.

See the original post below and the photo of the racist vandal. 

Daniel Michelson told the Minnesota Reformer:

This is definitely a turning point for me. I was absolutely disgusted because that’s not at all representative of who I am or who I strive to be.

The vandal vows to have the mural, which has been covered, repaired and he says he will do whatever it takes to make it up to the community. 

Ironically, no charges have been filed against him. Not even for defacing property. Go figure.

Source: NY Daily News

Photo Credits: Jeanette Doris-Marie Rupert

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