Erica Mena is mourning the passing of Raul Conde, co-founder of the Terror Squad, and the father of her son, King Conde.

Raul passed away after battling an undisclosed illness.

He was 52.

Erica Mena took to social media to share a heartfelt tribute to her son’s father writing:

You really were the one who put me in position to win.

From the moment you laid eyes on me. Forget everything else. YOU knew that I would be the one that could and would. Thank you. I accomplished so much because of what you saw in me.

I can’t thank you enough for giving me such a beautiful human being to be a mother too. The two of us both having to be hard all our life, we created such a beautiful , Gentle, Intelligent young man. You know I’m really gonna need you to help me up there. King graduates this year. We had our plans. Guide me please so I do everything right.

We’ve come such a long way. You became a confident. You made sure to stay in my ear these last two years. You even pulled up on me to remind me who the F$ck I was. On this very day last year, it was all of us together at my house. My babies call you Tio Raul. Broken that was our last family dinner with you.

I’m so grateful I got to experience the true meaning of Loyalty from you – The DON! You really are unmatched,No one is as Loyal as you. Your loyalty was at of no cost either. You made some epic connections worth Millions and millions for so many years. Your true war stories and everything you were made up of is sincerely legendary. You are so respected. Will always be.
I Thank God I learned a lot from the REALIST!

Your Kids. Joshua, Alize, and King.
You know they are hurting real bad without you. Kings heart is broken. But You Love God So Much I know he was waiting for you with open arms. And I know you are already talking to him about your kids upcoming blessings. You now can protect them at all times like how you’ve protected your squad here on earth. ♥️🙏🏽Conde Family ♥️

The world is a lot less safe without your Mean Ass Grill Face. I Love You. We Love You. Rest In Paradise King

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In addition to Erica Mena, Fat Joe and DJ Khaled also took to social media to pay tribute to Raul Conde.

Fat Joe wrote:

My Day 1 how can a man love another man more than your own biological family. You are 1 of 1 the most loyal EVER. We did it since kids we did everything we dreamed of i love you with every fiber in my body. I thought we’d get old together and look back at the times we had and laugh. No one understood me like you, you were God sent my brother I wish I could get one last talk with you. My Condolences to the CONDE FAMILY ty for letting us have RAUL for all these years i can tell you not a moment in my life i won’t love and cherish every minute every second I’ve had with RAUL. i want everyone to wish my brother a safe passage to Heaven cause he loved GOD SO MUCH 🙏🏽❤️ WE ARE TERROR SQUAD 4 Life I love you RAUL TILL WE MEET AGAIN

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DJ Khaled took to social media writing:

Love you my brother @raul.ts you are very rare you the definition of a true brother friend. U always wanted to see everyone win. RAUL I LOVE YOU BROTHER !
GOD BLESS. WE GOING MISS U, @raul.ts the legendary RAUL! Love for ever!

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I extend my sincerest condolences to Erica Mena, King, and all who knew and cherished Raul Conde.

May he rest in peace.

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