Fat Joe speaks on Irv Gotti and Ashanti

Fat Joe took to the streets of social media and called out Irv Gotti for his messy stroll down memory lane on “Drink Champs” about his past relationship with Ashanti.

We previously reported Irv recalling the moment he found out Ashanti, who he had been sleeping with while he was a married man, had moved on with Nelly. (It was when they showed up to a basketball game together.)

Irv admitted at the time, he was in love with her and hurt by her new relationship.

But, it didn’t stop there. During the interview, Irv also shared that he came up with Ashanti’s 2002 hit single, “Happy,” after they had sex.

Irv said, “We just finished sleeping together or whatever. I’m taking a shower, I’m in the shower, you know a n***a creative after sex. I think of the whole track in the shower.”

Fat Joe, who is like a big brother too Ashanti, called out Irv Gotti for his reckless and disrespectful remarks.

Whatever Irv has with Ashanti is 20 years old, right. 

So, I know he’s just making some points that mean a lot to him, his heart, and his soul. 

But, when you keep ranting about somebody 20 years later…it felt like he’s not over the young lady. 

And so also, we didn’t know that they was f**king because the whole time I’m here…

I’ve never seen them together like that. Now, I’m not saying they wasn’t. They was or there was rumors they was. 

I never seen it. But, I don’t need to know! I don’t need to know!

Now, it’s okay if it’s on a documentary – you gotta say your truth in your documentary – but to go to ‘Drink Champs’ and keep calling her a b**ch…keep disrespecting. 

I’m not the guy to stand up for Ashanti – the brother – JaRule standing right next to him…

So, I’m not going to be that guy, but I’m not telling stories about a girl I was with 20 years ago…

Watch the clip of Joey sharing his thoughts below.


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I am very happy that Fat Joe also called out JaRule for sitting there like a muppet and allowing Irv Gotti to freely drag Ashanti through the mud.

Ashanti has not addressed any of Irv’s remarks about her, but she did hit the stage with Nelly in Oakland over the weekend.

Following their performance, Nelly rubbed salt in Irv Gotti’s obvious open wound by telling Ashanti, “I got floor seats to the next game…what’s happenin?”

Watch below.

Judge Greg Mathis has even joined the convo by advising Ashanti to have Irv Gotti served with a cease and desist to stop him from running his mouth about her.

Unfortunately, the convo will continue because “The Murder Inc. Story,” the 5-part documentary series about the infamous record label premieres on BET on Tuesday, August 9 at 9/8c.

Ashanti refused to be a part of it.

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