DJ Khaled Trolls The New J. Balvin Jordans Off Of His Feet

Everyone who knows DJ Khaled knows that he is a serious sneakerhead, but the way he trolled J. Balvin for his new Air Jordans was ridiculous.

Khaled first saw J. Balvin wearing the shoes at the Miami Grand Prix on his birthday.

He asked J. Balvin to send him a pair and J. Balvin told him “I got you!”

When the new Balvin AJ3’s didn’t show up when Khaled wanted them to, he went to social media and started trolling J. Balvin.

Balvin man, you broke my heart. You told me you was going to send me those 3s… It’s all love.

Nah, I know you got me!… And I know imma get em.

But I’m talking bout, you know, you hit me with an excuse, like, ‘Yo, it’s coming, like, shipping…’

C’mon Balvin, we bosses, don’t do that!

Khaled then took his trolling to the next level by posting how Teyana Taylor and Clark Kent sent him their new shoes the next day.

J. Balvin you see this?… Teyana Taylor sent me another pair of these beautiful Js.

She kept her word.

Look, you see the other pair she sent me in the packaging?

You see them over there hanging, right?…

Because I’m keeping that as a collector’s item.

And I said I need another pair. And I said Teyana don’t do that!… And she sent it the next day.

By the way, the leather on this Teyana Taylor is unbelievable.

She sent it the next day!

My brother Clark Kent, huh, you know me and him go way back… way back, we talking me and Klark Kent go way back, day one brother.

He sent me a box signed… Gods!… Hold on…

Favorite! You better believe it!…

Thank you Teyana Taylor. Thank you Klark Kent.

J.Balvin, huh!…

 J. Balvin must’ve caught wind of the trolling because he showed up on the golf course to give DJ Khaled the sample pair of the AJ3 Medellin Sunsets off of his feet because mass production hadn’t started yet.

Khaled was very grateful, but he should’ve waited until the shoe was done instead of taking the samples off of J. Balvin’s feet.

Watch the video collage below courtesy of Nice Kicks:

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