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Rickey Smiley took to the radio airwaves on Thursday morning to react to Katt Williams’ explosive interview on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast. 

Katt came in hot as he immediately called out Rickey for lying about their roles in Ice Cube’s classic comedy, Friday After Next

Rickey Smiley played the role of a crackhead Santa Claus and Katt Williams played the role of a pimp named Money Mike.

During his interview with Shannon, Rickey said their roles were originally supposed to be reversed.

Katt called CAP and roasted Rickey for “lying.”

Rickey Smiley knows this and I don’t know why he would lose a child and come on the air and start lying.

That’s why people believe in rituals right there.

Why would he lie? I don’t know why liars lie. But, I can tell you this we auditioned in Los Angeles.

I was audition no. 201. 200 Black comedians auditioned for the role of ‘Money Mike’ with me.

You’re saying all 201 of us was auditioning and you had already had the role and had shot the role in four days?

The truth of the matter is the ‘Money Mike’ in the original script had got raped in the bathroom and that’s what Rickey Smiley was okay with.  

During his morning show, on Thursday, Rickey Smiley stood on his original comments saying, “I had no reason to lie about that.

He added that Katt Williams was better suited for the role after the pimp element was added. 

They added that whole pimp twist to that character, which was actually a better decision and made it funnier.

There was no way in the hell I could have executed that role like that and I’m glad that they made that decision.

Personally, I liked the pimp role better, but the Santa Claus role was just perfect for me.

Rickey Smiley even brought his former manager on air to confirm he was supposed to play the role of Money Mike.

Katt Williams also shared that his experience working with Rickey Smiley on Friday After Next was so bad that he added to his contract that if he ever worked with him again – Rickey would have to wear a dress.

Now, what was Rickey Smiley’s next movie? Was it First Sunday? Did he wear a dress in it? You bet he did – it’s in my contract.

When Shannon asked why Katt would do that. He responded, “That’s where he’s a believable actor. He and Tyler Perry can’t play a man to save they life. They play good women. I believe that the best actor should be in the best role.

Rickey noted that his decision to perform dressed as a woman was simply “for the sake of funny.”

He also noted, “That has nothing to do with my manhood being lessened for trying to play a role and trying to put food on the table for my family.

Rickey Smiley - First Sunday
Rickey Smiley as Bernice Jenkins in ‘First Sunday’

Rickey Smiley took a more somber route saying that he was “disappointed” that he had to offer an explanation.

He also noted that Katt Williams’ remarks impacted him and his children as they are preparing for the first anniversary of the death of his son, Brandon Smiley.

It makes me sad the way that made my kids feel.

I’m not trying to say any of this for sympathy, I’m just saying I’m dealing with stuff.

Listen to the clip below. 

Ironically, Rickey Smiley posted this meme of Katt Williams following one of his arrests via his Instagram page last week.

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