Columbus Short via Instagram, Cedric The Entertainer via YouTube

Columbus Short is back in his Teddy Ruxpin bag with a Story Time about comedian and actor Cedric The Entertainer and why he’s “b— made.”

The former Gladiator in a Suit recalled being at an event (years ago) with his wife, where boxer Evander Holyfield was being honored.

According to Columbus, Cedric The Entertainer went to security to have him and his wife removed from the table and seated in the back of the room.

Thankfully, Shaq saw what was happening and invited Columbus Short and his wife to sit at his table. 

Once the event was over, Columbus said he made it his business to check Cedric The Entertainer.

Aye, bro! You from Missouri, bruh.

Why you gone do me like that, bruh?

You a b— made n—!

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In a second Story Time, Columbus Short offered the backstory on why Cedric was salty.

According to Columbus, Cedric The Entertainer was [allegedly] stepping out on his marriage with a chick and he left her at the valet at the SOHO House. 

Columbus said he was going through a divorce at the time and pulled up to offer the woman a ride home.

Eventually, he began to stomp the yard with Ceddy’s alleged sidepiece. If you get my drift.

It appears Cedric The Entertainer held a grudge against Columbus and took it out on him years later. 

Columbus Short said, “You embarrassed me and my wife in front of everybody?!? That’s b— made n— behavior! I almost smacked the Missouri off his mouth!

Watch the clips below.

Now, Cedric The Entertainer already told Katt Williams “talking tough is corny AF.”

I don’t want Columbus to end up in some Missouri Mess.

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