Cedric The Entertainer and Katt Williams via 'Club Shay Shay' YouTube

Cedric The Entertainer took to Instagram to react to Katt Williams’ explosive interview with Shannon Sharpe on “Club Shay Shay.

There has been a rift between the two comedians and actors since Katt accused Cedric of stealing his joke. 

In 2021, Katt said he was crushed when Cedric took his joke and used it to close his set on the Kings of Comedy

It crushed me just because the comedian was already bigger and more famous than me and he took my closing joke and made it his closing joke for ‘Kings of Comedy.’

The reason it hit so bad was that I was in the theater. I paid my money to see ‘Kings of Comedy ‘and to see my joke being there and not me was about as disrespectful as it gets in our craft.

I took it really personally with Cedric The Entertainer at that time.

Here’s the clip of Katt talking about it…

Watch Cedric’s “Space Shuttle” set from the Kings of Comedy below.

During his interview on “Club Shay Shay,” Cedric The Entertainer addressed Katt’s claims saying:

It was ridiculous. You know what I mean? I was like the idea of the joke that he was even talking about don’t even match up with no timeline. 

I seen Katt, even before then, I’ve seen this guy 30 times.

Like Dog, if you literally was that upset about it why you won’t say nothing.

That don’t even make sense. This is some internet s—.

Watch the clip below. 

When Katt Williams appeared on “Club Shay Shay” he fired back at Cedric saying:

Cedric told you, when you asked him did you steal Katt Williams’ jokes? He said, ‘It don’t line up.’

How it don’t line up that I did it on TV in 2018.

You came to see me at the Comedy Store do it in 2019 and then did it on The Kings of Comedy.

Like what doesn’t line up?! This is a televised joke that Mark Curry helped me punch up and get to the level that it was. 

Katt later clarified that it was actually 1998, not 2018.

Watch the clip below. 

Cedric The Entertainer took to the comment section of the Instagram post to react to Katt Williams writing:

And all that tough talk! Is corny af I’m grown a— man. And none of that s— gonna go like you think. You do you and I got this over here…

Revisionist History, regardless of whatever Katts opinion My career can’t be reduced to One Joke Katt Williams claims as his.

I been over 40 movies, my specials and brand speaks volumes for I am. The ppl I have put on including “Katt in the Hat”. At the Gibson Amphitheater.

See the original comments below. 


In the spirit of fact-checking, Cedric The Entertainer does have one stand-up comedy special, “Live From The Ville,” currently available to watch in the Netflix library.


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