Marques Houston

Marques Houston took to social media with a message about bottom feeders.

The message arrived after Marques’ former Immature bandmate, Young Rome, called him out for his “insensitive” remarks regarding Black women and single mothers. 

You may recall that in a recent interview, Marques said that when he dated women his own age they often came with “baggage” and “kids.” 

Rome wrote: 

But, as a member of Immature, I would like to extend my sincerest apologies in regard to the insensitive statements made by my former group member Marques Houston.

He added, “Black women in particular are often on the receiving end of the constant negative stereotypes they fight against daily.”

Young Rome closed out his statement writing: 

As artists, it has always been important to us that the content of our music and who we represent as meant would never disrespect women (especially women of color) and his views do not reflect those of the group.

Marques Houston took to his Instagram Story to share a message of his own in regard to bottom feeders and protecting his peace. 

He wrote: 

To all my fans, supporters and real truth seekers I can see how the media would love to pin people against people for monetary gain but when your at peace, loving life and able to still make a positive impact in the entertainment world for over 2 decades, it’s so easy to move out the way and let bottom feeders eat. #ProtectYourPeace I LOVE YOU ALL! 

See Marques’ original post below. 

Marques Houston post

At this point, I think we’ve seen and heard too much from and about Marques Houston.

It may be best if Roger goes home now…

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