Twitter Reacts To A Dollar General Manager Hitting An Alleged Shoplifter With Her Car

A Dollar General manager took matters into her own hands and ran down an alleged shoplifter with her car to retrieve stolen goods. 

According to Twitter, the incident happened in California on May 10 around 11:20 AM.

In the initial video footage shared to Twitter by 4Mischief, the Dollar General manager rides down on the alleged shoplifter, who is riding a bike in a neighborhood, and she clips him with the front end of her car.

The impact from the collision caused the bike’s back wheel to fly up in the air, ejecting the alleged shoplifter onto the ground.

He gets up quickly and starts cursing out the Dollar General manager.

They both then engage in a curse-out session, and she asks, “Who the f*** you think you are stealing sh*t from my store, b****?”

The cursing continues as they both try to gather as many alleged stolen goods as possible.

At one point during the argument, the store manager flings the alleged shoplifter’s bike, and he throws something into her car. 

The store manager says this is the second time he has stolen from the store, and he responds, “You don’t live the f****** life I live, b****!”

She mentions something about working hard while he’s out here stealing, and she says something about living in her car.

As she’s backing out of the driveway to leave, the alleged shoplifter tells her he will make sure she goes to jail by pressing charges against her for hitting him.

After waiting for him to move from behind her car so she can continue backing up, she tells him to “go ahead,” and she drives off seemingly unbothered by his threats of a lawsuit.

Watch the video posted to Twitter by 4Mischief below:

According to Twitter Court, the alleged shoplifter may have a case against the store manager.

Scoop some Twitter reaction below:

In the state of California, assault with a deadly weapon could include punishments of:

  • State imprisonment for 2-4 years.
  • County imprisonment for one year.
  • A fine of up to $10,000.
  • Both jail time and a fine.

Source: Newsweek

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