Rapper Lady London recently appeared on “The Joe Budden Podcast” and she told Joe that he disrespected her on 20 shows before he acknowledged her.

Joe disrespected me on 20 shows before he acknowledged me.

Yeah, shots was definitely fired.

Mal had said my name and you was like, ’Nah! I don’t know her, anyway, Megan Thee Stallion…’

I was like damn!

Everybody was calling me and said that’s your mans who you been routing for, for ten years.

That’s your mans who you keep sending me his playlist.

Joe initially denied that it happened, and then he admitted that it happened.

Lady London gave another example from another show when Mal and Rory were saying she was dope, and Joe responded she looks like a baby in the face.

After she told Joe that he didn’t acknowledge her until she did a freestyle on Instagram for Jada Pinkett and MC Lyte for International Woman’s Day in March 2020, he apologized.

Joe’s apology:

I’m sorry! That wasn’t the best representation of me or my fanfare, and I’ve grown a lot sense then.

Watch the video below:

Overall, it was a dope interview, and Lady London has a star quality about her.