In case you missed the memo, Charmaine Bey has quit “Black Ink Crew: Chicago,” and on Wednesday she took to the streets of Instagram and aired Ryan Henry out.

It’s no secret, Ryan and Charmaine have the ultimate hot and cold relationship that can shift from brother and sisterly love to Bloods and Crips in a heartbeat.

Last week, Charmaine announced her departure from the show while promoting her new and improved tattoo shop and staff.

She wrote:

I quit the tv show blackinkcrew, I’m no longer working with “TV tattoo artist”, unfollowed any phony person I use to deal with from the show, hired all dope tattoo artist who represent Chicago, and my haters will still say my shop isn’t legit.

Whatever helps you sleep at night. Hating on me will not get you a bigger bag and it certainly will not stop my success.

The worst ones are the ones who say they love you to your face but they hate you deep down inside ????

If you support me beyond the tv show, follow my tattoo shop @2ndcityink and check out the amazing artist who work at my shop. Thank you team for trusting me! Nothing but respect and all love over here ????

You can purchase aftercare products, numbing cream, cleanser etc on our website

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Then, on Wednesday Charmaine read Ryan for filth writing:

@ryanhenrytattoo it’s the narcissism for me. I never said one thing bad about you but I see you big mad. Nothing new.

Word on the street is you can’t stand my success. I never had a man be jealous of me until I met you ???? it’s gross.

That’s your show now so focus on how your going to keep it without me buddy. Don’t hate on me.

Remember all those times you told me you were by my side forever? And the whole time you were having meltdowns with production asking why does the storyline always have to be about me ????

I still played nice with you and tried to charge it to the game because we all know how you have those female tendencies. I have nothing but respect for what you built and I sure wasn’t going behind ur back all mad about it ???? who does that?

Now to hear you’re telling ppl that I wouldn’t have my success without you. You think Vh1 bought the show because of your boring ass? No.

We all built that together and you rode our backs for the longest on “your” show. I hope the guys can see how your not a real friend at all.

More like an opportunist. Ima stop right here tho because the rest of the things I heard about you isn’t for the internet.

Sucks that I had to do this because I truly love your family and your staff but you’re not about to continue to play me.

Go have another tantrum about this post lol

Follow my tattoo shop @2ndcityink

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Charmaine Bey blasts Ryan Henry (1)

Of course, you know Ryan Henry wasn’t gonna let Charmaine Bey slide without responding.

He wrote:

This is sad when you got my number and put that lame sh*t from your plugs out there as fact.

Hating? Meltdowns? Jealous? Not never.

Like Cmon man, you know the only true thing that ever came in between us was how you had to move with your husband and I was just late to the party to find out I was pushed to the side unknowingly cuz of how he felt about me and ant, yet I respected it and still loved you throughout.

But, this is clown sh*t. Internet is the stomping grounds. Have at it though.

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Ryan Henry responds to Charmaine Bey

It’s always sad when a friendship goes up in smoke.

Let’s look back at some classic Ryan Henry and Charmaine Bey moments below.

Hopefully, these two will be able to mend their friendship… for Ms. Glenda.