Jayana Tanae Webb, the 21-year-old woman who boasted on social media about being the “best drunk driver ever,” is facing murder charges in a DUI crash that killed two Pennsylvania state troopers and a pedestrian on I-95 in South Philadelphia

The deadly crash occurred just before 1 a.m. on Monday (March 21) on I-95 southbound just north of Broad Street.

Trooper Martin Mack, 33, and Trooper Branden Sisca, 29, were responding to reports of a man walking along the interstate.

Authorities said the troopers were trying to help 28-year-old Reyes Rivera Oliveras of Allentown into the back of their cruiser. 

Jayana Tanae Webb, who was attempting to drive past the scene at a high rate of speed, fatally struck both troopers, Oliveras, as well as the cruiser. 

The impact was so great that it threw the troopers and Oliveras into the northbound lanes of I-95.

Webb did remain at the scene following the horrific accident. 

When dispatch could not make contact with the troopers, they sent backup. 

When backup arrived, police saw witnesses attempting CPR on Sisca and Mack. 

Unfortunately, they were pronounced dead at the scene. 

Webb is charged with third-degree murder, homicide by vehicle while DUI, homicide by vehicle, manslaughter of a law enforcement officer in the second degree, driving under the influence, and other charges. 

Sadly, before the deadly crash, Jayana was pulled over by Troopers Mack and Sisca for suspicion of DUI just two miles before the crash, but they let her go to respond to the call about a man on the Interstate.

At the time of the fatal crash, her blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit.

To add insult to injury, Jayana Tanae Webb’s Twitter feed is filled with multiple tweets over the years referencing her being drunk. 

See the disturbing tweets below. 

On January 15, 2022, she tweeted: 

If you ask me, I’m the best drunk driver ever. 

See the original tweet below.

Jayana Tanae Webb Drunk Tweets

Minutes before the deadly crash on Monday, Jayana tweeted about getting pulled over by Troopers Mack and Sisca.

She wrote: 

Why the cop pull me & he say I’m doing 110 in a 50 ????????????????

See the original tweet below. 

Jayana Tanae Webb Drunk Tweets

This tragedy has sparked outrage on social media. 

One person tweeted:

That woman is not a kid she’s 21 she’s old enough to know better to drink and drive then to gloat on social media to being a “good drunk driver” is so crazy, yes her freedom is gone, she needs to think about what she did! People lost their lives because of her selfishness.

Webb was arraigned late Tuesday night and is being held without bail.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 5.

Watch the news report below courtesy of Fox 29 Philadelphia.

My sincerest condolences and prayers to all of the families impacted by this senseless tragedy.