It’s officially a wrap for the “Joe Budden Podcast.”

The podcast has been in shambles for weeks after a lot of tension and internal issues caused longtime co-hosts, Rory Farrell and Jamil “Mal” Clay, to step away from the pod for a while.

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Eventually, the fellas worked out their differences to the best of their ability and reunited.

But, once they got on air to “clear the air” – the writing was on the wall – their issues ran too deep and the days of their podcast (and friendship) were numbered.

Apparently, the shizznit hit the fan on Tuesday the day the fellas usually tape their Wednesday episode because Joe Budden took to Jack Dorsey’s Twitter and tweeted:

On Wednesday morning he added:

The audio of an episode that is only available via Patreon for $10 has gone viral where Joe is disrespecting the hell out of both Rory and Mal – who he clearly feels brought nothing to the table over the years.

Then, Joe goes on to fire Rory and said he “isn’t welcomed back.”

Listen below.

Joe also noted if Rory and Mal attempt to start their own podcast within the next year – he will sue them.

Here are a few cliff notes for those of you who aren’t willing to spend $10 on foolishness.

It’s obvious Joe’s disdain runs deeper for Rory, and his friendship and history with Mal is the frayed thread that keeps him from going too far with him.

On second thought…based on Mal’s standards regarding respect – Joe Budden went waaaay too far.

Social media is in an uproar over this. Peep a few tweets below.

What are your thoughts on the demise of “The Joe Budden Podcast?”

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