Rapper Desiigner Responds To Future Comparisons On TikTok

Rapper Desiigner is still trying to convince people that he doesn’t sound like Future seven years after his major hit song, “Panda.”

Desiigner recently released a new single called “Bigger and Bigger,” and as expected by most people, he still sounds like Future.

Listen to a clip of “Bigger and Bigger” below:

Desiigner took to his TikTok account with a post captioned “When they say I sound like Future,” with a visual of his nose growing like Pinocchio as his new single played in the background.

Although his post was creative commenters had mixed reviews:

Desiigner comment 1.
Desiigner comment 2.
Desiigner comment 3.
DeSiigner comment 4.

The sooner Desiigner realizes that he and Future sound alike, the better off he will be.

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