Future Performs His Hit Song ‘Love You Better’ From Jimmy Kimmel’s Interview Chair

Future Performs His Hit Song ‘Love You  Better’ From Jimmy Kimmel’s Interview Chair

Future recently performed his whole hit song “Love You Better” while chilling in Jimmy Kimmel’s interview chair.

The performance was executed well.

Kimmel introduced Future as if he was coming to the set to be interviewed.

He came out to the applause of the crowd, chunked them the deuces (threw them the peace sign), sat down in the interview chair, and Kimmel asked him, “How is the future, relatively speaking?”

He responded, “Ah! I be drifting off sometimes.”

The music begins playing, and he transitions into performance mode.

He then lip-syncs the entire song while sitting in the interview chair.

He also incorporates a female into the performance giving it a music video feel.

Watch Future’s performance of “Love You Better” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” below:

In July, Future released the official cinematic music video for “Love You Better” and it features “P-Valley” star Shannon Thorton as the leading lady.

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