Aaron Donald allegedly molly whopped De’Vincent Spriggs in a Pittsburgh nightclub last weekend after Spriggs bumped him and threw a bottle.

Spriggs received 16 stitches and suffered a broken orbital bone, a broken nose, and a sprained or broken arm.

Either Spriggs is not a football fan and didn’t know that Aaron Donald was the NFL defensive player of the year three times or he planned on taking a beating to sue and get paid.

I’m sure if Spriggs had to do it all over again he would’ve apologized and kept it moving.

Spriggs attorney Todd J. Hollis said the fight took place because of a misunderstanding.

We believe there was a misunderstanding that Mr. Spriggs bumped into Mr. Donald and Mr. Donald escalated the matter, leading to my client’s assault moments later.

He failed to mention that his client threw a bottle.

Pittsburgh police released a blotter post that said they were summoned early Sunday afternoon to Mercy Hospital, where a man with face and arm injuries told them he had accidentally bumped into someone at a South Side bar.

He says that male and another ended up punching and kicking him. The complainant admits to throwing a bottle of alcohol, but didn’t know if he had hit anyone.

Spriggs was not identified by name on the blotter post because Pittsburgh police doesn’t name suspects or the accused unless charges are filed.

Hollis and Spriggs filed a criminal complaint on Wednesday. Hollis said they are awaiting information from the preliminary investigation.

They did a preliminary investigation and they’re going to look into the matter and get back to us as soon as they have more information.

Aaron Donald has not spoken on the matter, but the Los Angeles Rams issued a statement saying they are aware of the reports and they are collecting information.

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I believe Spriggs was definitely talking trash and Aaron Donald gave him the beat down of his life.

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