Atlanta ‘Waterboys’ Allegedly Shot A Man For Not Buying A Bottled Water From Them (Video)

These Atlanta water hustlers known as the “Waterboys” have gotten completely out of control, one of them allegedly shot a man outside Greenbriar Mall because he refused a sale.

Reportedly, the victim was leaving a deli near the mall, and the “Waterboys” begin pressing him to buy a bottle of water from them. The victim told them to leave him alone, but one of the “Waterboys” followed him and said something disrespectful about his wife. An argument ensued and the teen allegedly pulled a gun and shot the victim.

The incident was caught on surveillance camera from a nearby Exotic Smoke Shop.

Watch the CBS46 Atlanta news report below:

Somebody needs to inform Tae about supply and demand. Nobody has to buy water from you if they don’t want to.

Hopefully, Atlanta City Council makes good on their plan to employ these “Waterboys” so they can learn how a legitimate business is supposed to operate.

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  1. While nothing he did justifies being shot, it’s best to say no thank you and keep it moving. For this very reason. Don’t antagonize them, argue with them, or turn your nose up. Just say no thanks.


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