Van Jefferson wife Samaria Jefferson and daugher

What a time to be alive for Los Angeles Rams receiver Van Jefferson, who won the Lombardi and welcomed a baby boy on Super Bowl Sunday.

Van’s wife, Samaria Jefferson is a real one.

Despite being very close to her due date, she was determined not to miss her husband’s big game.

I am 100 percent going to be there. I would not miss this moment for anything.

I will be 40 weeks pregnant at the Super Bowl, supporting my husband 100 percent.

Samaria’s due date was on February 17, but the baby came while she was at the Super Bowl (February 13).

Reportedly, Samaria left the stadium on a stretcher when she went into labor.

See pictures of Samaria and her beautiful family below at the NFC Championship game.

The Rams won a very close game and were crowned Super Bowl LVI Champions, and a very excited Van Jefferson couldn’t wait to get to the hospital to behold his second major blessing of the night.

Samaria made it known, prior to the Super Bowl, that if she went into labor during the game Van was not to be notified until after the game.

He is going to play. He is going to keep playing. I said, ‘You play, I’ll see you at the hospital afterwards.’ That’s what it is.

I will never take that moment away from him. I want to see him glorify God on the field that day.

Knowing Van and how he is so caring, he just worries so much about me and the kids… If I did tell him or someone told him during the game, he would come off that field.

We’re saying, ‘Hey, you go play. We’ll see you after.’

Samaria delivered a baby boy and made Van a proud father of two.

Their 5-year-old daughter, Bella, is now a BIG sister.

Congratulations to Van and Samaria Jefferson on their new bundle of joy and their Super Bowl championship.

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