Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics contracted COVID-19 in early January, and he says he’s been forced to use an inhaler before games because his lungs still have not bounced back.

Tatum practically missed all the Celtics basketball games in the month of January because he was battling the virus.

Tatum eventually recovered, but he admitted Tuesday night after his Celtics beat the Portland Trailblazers that his lungs are not back to 100%.

It’s a process. It takes a long time. Like, I take an inhaler before the game since I’ve tested positive.

This has kind of helped with that and opened up my lungs, and, you know, I never took an inhaler before. So I think that’s something different.

I for sure feel better now than I did a month ago.

Tatum’s breathing may not be at 100%, but he has been straight ballin lately, leading his team in scoring during a 4-game win streak.

Tatum was very close to Kobe prior to his passing, and he even trained with Kobe. I see a lot of Kobe’s game in Jayson Tatum.

We pray that Jayson Tatum’s lungs get back to 100% soon, and we wish him and the Celtics the best moving forward with the NBA season.

Do you know anyone who is still suffering from the after-effects of COVID?

Source: TMZ

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