Quavo and Chris Brown via Instagram

Quavo has released “Over Hoes & B**ches,” his response to Chris Brown’s explosive diss track, “Weakest Link.” 

On the track, that features Takeoff, the Migos rapper accused Breezy of being a junkie who isn’t over Karrueche

Quavo also claims Chris Brown tried to hit Teyana Taylor, but Usher wouldn’t let him do it. 

Quavo ‘Over Hoes & B—ches’ Lyrics


Don't even bring up Take, p--- (DJ Durelr bae (Boy, you p---)
Lil' b---, come dance battle with my drac' (Brrt)
You been f---ed your bag up when you punched Ri' in the face
Talking about fashion week, you sparing who?
Come punch me in my face
It ain't nun' but a fade, you know lost the frank (Frank Ocean)
N--- ran in your house, tied up your aunt 'cause you ain't pay
This bullet got your name (Chris)
Don't even bring up Take, p--- (DJ Durel, p---)


You know half of y'all n--- some hoes out here
I'm talking 'bout like, these n--- bleed once a month, type s---
I call you hoe for p---, (Brrt) I hit your hoe for p--- (Brrt)
I did a favor coming to save you but you gon' owe me, p--- (Owe me)
I'm on the edge, don't push me (Don't)
You broke with the feds, you p--- (Twelve)
Commit a crime and ain't did no time, can't fake it, we know that you p--- (We know it)
p---, (You) p---, (You) p---,(You) p--- n--- (You)
Time after time, I pull up and wipe me a lil' baby nose (p--- n---)
Dropping a time and pillow talking to these b---es and hoes (p--- n---)
Glitter ain't gold, (Naw) you been exposed (Exposed, p---)


Lil' boy wanna die 'bout some coochie? (Bow)
You still f---ed up 'bout Karrueche? (Damn)
You tried to beat up Teyana, (No cap) but Usher wouldn't let you do it (Usher)
The cocaine got 'em, your honor (White)
Bipolar disorder, no wonder
You was the greatest, n---, you fumbled
Going out sad, I'm watching you crumble
Why they got Quavo out here going back and forth with a singer that turned to a junkie?
Never got light skin versus brown skin, n--- finna divide the country (Go)
N---, you ain't been in the trenches
We stomping the yard, you know how that ended (Stomp)
Want smoke with me? Always beating, fighting over hoes and b---es (Always beat)
Who gassed you up to put that out?
Yeah, that was s---ty, n--- (On God)
I can take a model b--- and make a Saweetie, n--- (B---)
Crackhead Michael Jackson, b---, you better beat it, n---
I'm still f---ed up about Takeoff I want who did it, n—
But, that’s some real street s—
Back to the industry
Where your baby mamas, I know they got plenty tea
P—, every time you see me keep that energy
Can’t believe I gotta beat you bout some women beef

Lyrics courtesy of Genius

Listen To The Song

DJ Akademiks debuted Quavo’s diss track during a livestream. 

Listen below. 

Chris Brown Reacts

Breezy took to his Instagram Story and laughed off Huncho’s diss track!

Chris Brown reacts to Quavo diss song

Social Media Reacts

Check out a few early Twitter reactions to the diss track below. 

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