Usher (YouTube), Mark Hanalla (Instagram)

Usher publicly slammed Mark Hanalla in the streets of Instagram after he claimed the R&B star “almost thanked the devil” during his NAACP Image Awards acceptance speech for the President’s Award.

Mark, who has built a following on social media for “exposing the truth,” shared a video of Usher that showed him stumbling over his words during his speech. 

The caption on Mark’s post read, “Did #Usher almost just thank the #Devil for his #NAACP award? 🤨💡”

See his post below. 

Usher had time today! 

He slid into the comments of Mark Hanalla’s post and went AWF! 

The R&B superstar wrote: 

Get the hell outta here!!!

GOD is my lord and savior … the DEVIL is a lie!!

You got me f—ed up!!

Not today sir…I never have time for this type s— but today, you gon hear this.

So I was a bit nervous and jumbled my words when speaking from my heart…

I hate teleprompters and they started to rush me because I was getting a bit long winded…. everybody gets nervous, especially in this position.

I was thanking the N Double A C P and shift to the depths of my soul… when my words got mixed.

The devil is always at work…don’t let him use my boy.

You terrible for even tryna to share this.

See a screenshot of Usher’s response below.


Watch Usher’s full NAACP Image Awards acceptance speech below. 

Mark truly rubbed Usher the wrong way because the singer has never addressed rumors, speculation, and/or allegations made about him. 

You may recall that the singer didn’t say a word when he was heavily criticized for linking up with Russell Simmons in Bali.

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