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Omarion created quite a buzz with his recent interview, where he openly discussed his past interest in Karrueche Tran before she started dating Chris Brown.

This revelation unfolded during a candid conversation between the singer and Jason Lee

Jason revealed that he had played a part in trying to set up Omarion with Karrueche at a shindig O and Chris Brown were having. 

Jason reminisced about the event, saying, “Y’all were kinda feeling each other, and I thought y’all were going to be a thing.

Omarion responded, “That’s true…that’s true.”

Jason Lee added, “But, then she was on MTO with Chris.”

Omarion replied, “Right.” 

When Jason questioned Omarion about why he let it slide, the “Icebox” singer had a witty response, saying, “C’mon now! You got to be unbothered!”

In response to the interview clip, Chris Brown seemingly took to his Instagram Story, expressing his sentiments with the words, “Mannnn…if you don’t get yo lame a— on somewhere. N— be reaching for the starz..”

See the original post (with edits) below.

Chris Brown’s Instagram Story Post

Omarion put on his petty pants by sharing lyrics from “Post To Be,” his collaboration with Jhené Aiko and Breezy, on his Instagram Story.

She saved me in her phone as ‘Bestie’ but I had her screaming, ‘O.’ Your girl wasn’t supposed to text me. You wanna know how I know what I know?

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Omarion Instagram post
Omarion’s Instagram Story Post

After social media started buzzing about the subliminal posts, Omarion shared another clip from the interview where he talks about how he always “looked at CB like a brother.” 

In the caption of the post, Omarion, who has been deemed the “King of Unbothered” for his nonchalant energy, talked about teaching people how to treat you.

He wrote: “If we are honest with ourselves, we have to admit that sometimes our assumptions and preconceived notions are wrong, and therefore, our interpretation of events is incorrect. Don’t treat people how they treat you. Teach people how to treat you & always remember…Doing nothing is very hard to do… you never know when you’re finished. 😁😂😎.”

See Omarion’s original post below. 

Soon after, Twitter (X) users took to their timelines to share their thoughts on the interesting dynamic between these R&B frenemies. 

Many speculated that Omarion’s revelations might be linked to a sense of jealousy regarding Chris Brown’s successful career.

Read a few tweets below.

Do you believe Omarion is jealous of Chris Brown? 

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