Larry Elder’s campaign stop at a homeless encampment in Venice, California featured protestors participating in an egg toss and a punching contest.

Larry Elder is the Republican leader in the California Governor recall election, and some protestors in Venice gave him and his campaign the business during his campaign stop.

A female protestor, wearing a gorilla mask, threw an egg and almost hit Larry Elder as he walked through the streets.

A member from Elder’s campaign team immediately started chastising the woman.

But, little did he know she was ready and her boy had her back.

She told the campaign member to take his hands off of her, and she dropped a couple of F-bombs on him. 

Then, she threw a left hook at him, which appeared to make contact with his face.

Before the campaign member could fully react to the punch, a man rushed him talking aggressive in a low raspy voice, “You don’t hit anybody… You understand me?… You understand me boy? I’m a marine I’ll whip…”

Then, another woman appears to punch the campaign member in the back of his head.

While all this is going on, Larry Elder is being escorted to his car.

And you can hear a protestor in the background saying “Get that piece of sh** outta here!”

Watch the video below:

Based on the video, we know who won’t be voting for Larry Elder on September 14, and given some of his political views it’s easy to understand why.

Watch the video below:

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