A California woman was truly blessed and highly favored to survive the car crash she was involved in on Wednesday (July 7).

Video of the crash was captured by the dash camera of an oncoming vehicle that was traveling on the road the California woman crashed on.

The crash took place on Highway 99 in Yuba City, California.

The family, in the oncoming vehicle, was terrified when they saw the white car airborne headed toward them. They screamed as they witnessed the car catapult off an embankment, clear some power lines, and crash on the road in front of them.

Reportedly, the car had been involved in a hit and run moments earlier while driving backward on Highway 99 and exiting an on-ramp.

According to local business employee Brian Conejo who viewed the crash on his employers’ surveillance cameras the next morning, the car was doing 80 – 100mph in a 25mph speed zone, it missed a sharp left turn, kept straight, and went flying over the overpass.

The woman behind the wheel was taken to a nearby hospital and walked away with only minor injuries.

According to reports, intoxication was not a factor in the crash.

I would like to see the results of the test for other substances.

Watch the CBS Sacramento news report below:

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