Tiffany Haddish became very emotional while discussing the passing of her two friends, Fuquan Johnson and Michael K. Williams.

She was very surprised by the stats presented to her about the amount of people that died from a drug overdose in 2020 (93,000 people).

She said she had no idea that Fu, as she calls him, had a substance abuse problem.

Tiffany said that Fu and Michael would come to her comedy shows before she made it big.

She wants people to know:

Fuquan Johnson was one of the dopest writers, one of the realest people, down to earth dudes, and just… he was a sweet sweet spirit.

Tiffany Haddish remembered Michael K. Williams as “always inspirational, always motivational… he use to tell me that he was a big fan of mine before anybody knew who I was.”

The comedian and actress shared she is really hurting by the loss of her friends and while she knows they are no longer suffering and they’re resting, she’s still going to miss them a whole lot.

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Tiffany also gave some advice to those that maybe struggling with addiction, while acknowledging she doesn’t know their struggle directly she advised them to “find another way.”

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May God comfort Tiffany Haddish and all the friends and family of Fuquan Johnson and Michael K. Williams as they grieve.

Source: TMZ