Plies recently took to social media to let the world know that he endorses the new Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine because throughout his life their products have been good to him.

Ain’t Tryin To Tell Nobody What To Do. But I’m Takin Johnson & Johnson (Yeah Pink Bottle Johnson & Johnson)???????????????? This Ain’t No Ad Just My Opinion!!! ???? #Plies #PearlyPlies #YallKnowImShy????

Plies starts out the video with a disclaimer letting us know that he is not trying to convince anyone what to do, but he is moving with a sense of security based on the role Johnson & Johnson products have played in his life.

He also said his momma don’t trust the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but he doesn’t understand why because she raised him on their products.

Watch the video below:

I’m going to have to side with #PearlyPlies momma on this one because I don’t trust any of these vaccines.

Has Plies convinced you to trust the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or do you agree with momma Plies?

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