A sneakerhead from Toronto, Canada named Miles was excited to show DJ Khaled his sneaker book, but when P. Diddy found out he was in the book he switched modes.

Miles bought an exclusive sneaker collection from Sotheby’s, and he created a book to showcase the collection.

He met DJ Khaled “serendipitously” (Miles words) at a location somewhere in Canada, and he showed DJ Khaled the spread in his book that he made for him.

Khaled was very honored that Miles had two pairs of his sneakers in the book and made a whole spread for him, but when he called Puff over to check out the book the mood changed real quick.

Watch the video below to see how Puff reacted:

Puff was definitely about to go into some legality talk, but Miles was quick on his feet because when he felt Puff’s energy he closed his book quick and moved on.

The funny thing to me is the duality of the reactions from DJ Khaled and Puff.

Do you think Puff was wrong for the way he reacted?

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