Two Florida women dressed up as grannies to get the second COVID-19 vaccine, but they were caught and reprimanded.

The women were 34 and 44-years-old and they were wearing bonnets, gloves, and glasses when they attempted to get the second vaccination at the Orange County Convention Center.

Apparently, their granny fits worked the first time because they had valid vaccination cards from their first shot.

See the news report from CBS Miami below:

It is unclear how the women were found out, but there is live footage of them being reprimanded by the police.

Watch the live footage below:

The officer told the women that they are lucky that they are not getting arrested, and he let them go with a trespass warning.

Personally, I feel like they should’ve been arrested.

It’s amazing what lengths some people are willing to go to for the COVID-19 vaccination, while others can care less about getting vaccinated.

Do you think the women should’ve been arrested?